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Zemax OpticStudio V17_Leading Optical and Illumination Design Software

Zemax OpticStudio V17
OpticStudio® provides the flexibility to choose the optical and illumination design features you need.

Accelerate conventional non-sequential ray tracing by orders of magnitude. Modify system parameters with real-time results and quickly optimize and tolerance systems.

Stock Lens Matching

Search vendor catalogs for off-the-shelf optical components to replace custom components. This can save you considerable costs in the finished design by eliminating the need for custom manufacturing.

Part Designer

Design complex, custom CAD components to incorporate in a non-sequential optical system as fully parametric parts or to export to CAD formats.

Contrast Optimization

Optimize systems for MTF at least 30 times faster using the Contrast optimization – this innovative new feature uses the Moore-Elliott method by Zemax.
Product:Zemax OpticStudio V17_Leading Optical and Illumination Design Software