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CAD Picking

Updates have been made to many of the CAD functions that require the selection of other geometry. Many of the CAD functions require picking other geometry to perform the function; Subtract this from that, or, use this as my Attachment Point, this as my Sweep Profile, and this as my Sweep path are examples. In either case, the order of the selections plays a big role in the result, and, in the past, getting the order wrong would usually result in canceling the function and reopening the function, just to try again. With our new and improved interface, we have eliminated these issues with list boxes for the selected geometry. These list boxes have controls to delete geometry or even reverse chains and adjust the order of the selected geometry when necessary. This gives you an unprecedented amount of control over selection of geometry and the result of the function. The Sweep and Cross Section functions are used as examples below.

One of the huge benefits of the new selection aspect of these functions is being able to try different things to see how they affect the preview of the result before finalizing. The Sweep function, for instance, will give different results depending on the Attachment Point being used. With the new selection functionality, you could pick the Attachment Point, Sweep Profile, and Sweep Path to see the Preview, and then, delete only the Attachment Point, in order to pick a different Attachment Point to test another result. The functions with updated picking are as follow:

Surfaces- Planar, Extrude Curve, Extrude Surface, Revolve, Sweep, Cross Section, Skin, Offset, 3 Edge, 4 Edge, Multisided Patch, Fillet, Intersection Curves, Break Surface, Swung, Ruled

Solids- Fillet, Add, Subtract, Intersect, Extrude Boss, Extrude Cut, Split, Shell, Imprint
BobCAD-CAM V30 New Feature Scale Sketch Handle
Scale Sketch Handle

The Translate function has a handy new feature to use when scaling. In some cases, scaling is needed without a specific value in mind, an adjustment for aesthetics for instance. It is in cases like these, entering different scale values and checking the resulting preview can be a little frustrating, and in situations like these, the Scale Sketch Handle is the perfect solution. Simply click on the scale sketch handle and drag your mouse to adjust the scale where you want it. Click again to set the scale value.
BobCAD-CAM V30 New Feature Imprint

The new Imprint function is perfect for making electrodes and soft jaws, as it does the work of several different functions. Rather than have to extrude a shape, and then subtract a model you have made a copy of, Imprint, in one easy to use function, allows you to extrude a shape, subtract a model from it, and keep the model you are subtracting, so there is no need to even make a copy first.
BobCAD-CAM V30 New Feature Fillet and Chamfer Creation Options
Fillet and Chamfer Creation Options

In our BobCAD-CAM V29 release, we introduced a new method of filleting with the option to fillet an entire chain of entities, or multiple chains of entities at once. Not only have we brought that functionality to the Chamfer function, we added another option for both the Fillet and Chamfer to give you three possible methods. The Single Corner Click option allows you to simply hover over the ends of two entities. Once you hover over the entities, you will see a preview of the executable fillet or chamfer. Click, and the Fillet or Chamfer will be created.
BobCAD-CAM V30 New Sharp Corner Offset
Sharp Corner Offset

The offset function now has an option for sharp corners. This simple function can save tons of time when offsets are being created. Rather than creating offsets, then delete the arcs and trimming the remaining lines together, the sharp corner offset does this for you!
BobCAD-CAM V30 New Sharp Corner Offset
Measure One (Entity)

In order to save our customers the step of extracting edges from solids and surfaces in order to be able to pull particular measurements from them, we have altered the Measure One function to allow you to directly measure the edges or vertices on solids and surfaces. You can also select the Pick Solid option to measure an entire solid.
BobCAD-CAM V30 Measure Two (Entities)
Measure Two (Entities)

The Measure Two function now allows you to measure snap points on solids and surfaces. There are also graphical representations for each measurement in the graphics area, each of which, can be rearranged.
BobCAD-CAM V30 Text Alignment
Text Alignment

The Text function now has the added benefit of alignment options. When multiple lines of text are being used, you are able to set them to be aligned by, left, center, or right.