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Technical Toolboxes Inc. (TTI), a leading global provider of integrated and cloud-based pipeline software, consulting and industry training for pipeline engineering and technical professionals, has released 17.2 version of Pipeline Toolbox (Edition for Liquid Service) is is the latest release of the popular integrated software package comes in three separate modules: Gas, Liquid and Enterprise. The Pipeline Toolbox has been designed specifically for gas pipeline professionals, and is based on ASME B31.8 standards.

Pipeline Tools consist of the most comprehensive software tools on the market. These engineering tools are designed for engineers and technicians who work with both gas and liquid/product pipelines and contain program and modules to increase the productivity and efficiency of the user by solving pipeline design, analysis, and maintenance and related engineering problems. Examples include pipeline design/maintenance, HDD simulation, AC mitigation, corrosion and subsea stability. In addition, RSTRENG+ the preferred tools is provided.