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SPEOS V2017 for Solidworks 2017

SPEOS is the only optical solution integrated in your CAD software: CATIA V5, NX, Creo, and SOLIDWORKS.

At OPTIS, we know that optical simulation cannot be completely separated from the mechanical design world, because optics impacts on so many parts of the overall design process. Every simulation must be included in the CAD/CAM package, to consider the interactions of photons with mechanical geometries.

You can thus work with SPEOS at any stage of your design process to:

Better understand and control the behavior of light in your product
Easily improve your product to ensure its efficiency and compliance to standards

The intuitive approach of the SPEOS interface, associated with its advanced features, makes it easy to use for experts as well as non-specialists in optics, in a wide range of industries.

SPEOS improves the speed of design and rendering of optical and optoelectronic devices such as vehicle lights, displays, and cameras. Engineering designers can now model complex integrated mechanical and optical engineering tasks seamlessly with their CAD software.

Gain time and quality with High Performance Computing

SPEOS virtual simulation is largely used in industry today and it has a great impact on work habits: It allows users to explore and evaluate all any idea, faster than ever. The consequence, is an increasing demand for computing resources.

Imagine you can now obtain your simulation results within minutes instead of hours? What will be the impact on your design process?

This is now done! With no compromise on quality, SPEOS is now fully compatible with High Performance Computation! You distribute SPEOS calculation on several computers using “on Premises” or “in the Cloud” clusters.

In line with industrial timeframes, you can take full advantage of SPEOS high-end reliable solutions.

Productivity: simulation time is perfectly scalable.

Performance: generate high-end results in minutes, not days.

Ease of use: distribution and gathering are optimized and automatic.
Product:SPEOS V2017 for Solidworks 2017