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Zemax OpticStudio V16.5 SP5

Zemax OpticStudio V16.5 Sp5
OpticStudio is the industry-leading optical design software that combines complex physics and interactive visuals so you can analyze, simulate, and optimize optical systems all within tolerance specifications. Save time and money by creating a variety of optical, illumination, and laser systems with one software program. Design for manufacturability while you speed time to market and reduce development costs.
The Standard Edition includes improvements including a new Field Data Editor, Fields Wizard, and field conversion tool. You can use the improved Spot X+Y default merit function, which is now the fastest way to optimize for small spot sizes. Test different tolerances with a new on/off toggle. Customize the location of your design files. And more!

The Professional Edition includes all features available in the Standard Edition, plus the Contrast Optimizer, which uses the innovative new Moore-Elliot method. You can also use the new API documentation interface, with over 20 examples for MATLAB, C++, C#, and Python.
Product:Zemax OpticStudio V16.5 SP5