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LEAP Bridge Steel CONNECT Edition v17.000215

LEAP Bridge Steel CONNECT Edition v17.000215

Concrete Bridge Design and Analysis Software
Improve decision making for design and construction while connecting and enhancing your workflow. Exchange project information including bridge geometry, materials, loads, prestressing strand pattern, and shear reinforcement. Innovative analysis, design, and load-rating functionality come together in one advanced environment with LEAP Bridge Concrete.

Tap into the full power of specialized modules that share a common information model from a single interface for:

Computational bridge layout and design
Analysis, design, and load rating for post-tensioned and reinforced concrete box girder, T-beam, and slab bridges
Analysis, design, and load rating for simple and multi-span precast and prestressed concrete bridges
Analysis and design of reinforced concrete abutments, piers, and foundations
Analysis and design of spliced precast/prestressed bridge girders

Easily handle the vast majority of the bridges built today, with the smart choice for concrete bridges.

LEAP Bridge Concrete CONNECT Edition (English) 32-bit
LEAP Bridge Concrete CONNECT Edition is a powerful modeling and analysis solution for small to medium-sized concrete bridges of all types: precast, cast-in-place, reinforced, and post-tensioned. LBE offers a synthesis of geometric modeling, substructure, and superstructure analysis and design, and load rating in a single, information-rich environment. Intelligent data management, parametric modeling, and automated drawing production revolutionize the bridge delivery process.

Steel Bridge Design and Analysis Software
Streamline the design of straight and curved I-girder bridges with LEAP Bridge Steel’s computational 3D design and modeling. Your project will benefit from the software’s advanced load rating and analysis capabilities, which will enable you to evaluate steel bridges faster and deliver your projects on time and under budget.

Maximize efficiencies on your next bridge project.

Design, analyze, and rate steel bridges using an intuitive interface
Speed project delivery of complex bridge projects with automatic advanced calculations
Share data with all OpenRoads applications and with MicroStation
Create an intelligent 3D model that captures design intent on the fly
Easily explore design alternatives to maximize cost savings and improve scheduling
Automatically create virtual bridge models (i-models) enabling your entire project team to easily share and interact with complex project data

LEAP Bridge Steel CONNECT Edition (English) 32-bit
LEAP Bridge Steel is a comprehensive 3D steel bridge design and rating program. It offers advanced physical 3D bridge modeling, design, analysis and load rating of everyday steel bridges following AASHTO LRFD standards.
Product:LEAP Bridge Steel CONNECT Edition v17.000215