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Bentley RAM Connection CONNECT Edition v11.01.01.240

Bentley RAM Connection CONNECT Edition v11.01.01.240
RAM Connection CONNECT Edition v11.1.0 Release Notes – Updated May 2017


IS 800:2007 Indian steel design standard for connection design.

RAM Connection now includes Bentley CONNECT Advisor v10.0.2 which is a CONNECT service enabling Bentley users to have real time access to LEARN content, recommendations for more productive workflows and the ability to embed an Expert Engineer to their CONNECTED project.

Small improvements to the design reports for better reading.

Update to Structural Synchronizer (ISM) 6.0.

Resolved Issues:

A miscalculation of the gusset buckling Whitmore capacity when the brace formed a small angle with the beam has been corrected.

The effective length factor “K” was being calculated incorrectly for the Whitmore buckling code check in gusset connections.

The length used to calculate web crippling in Gusset connections used a unitary equivalent length when Design Guide 29 states the actual lengths have to be used. This has now been updated to comply with the aforementioned guide.

The prying effects calculation for Cap Plates, erroneously used the beam flange thickness instead of the cap plate thickness. This has been corrected.

For the calculation of normal stresses in a beam-to-gusset interface, an equation from a different reference was being used. The application has now been updated to use the equation in Design Guide 29.

The beam web thickness check for Single Plate connections with a skew angle, has been eliminated by recommendation of the AISC Solution Center.

For EN 1993 connection design, the software followed a criterion only applicable for tension/compression members for the bolt pitch (or gage). Now it follows BCSA recommendations the same.

The Cap Plate web crippling check followed the same procedure for AISC 360-05 and AISC 360-10. This has now been corrected to follow the correspondent method, since it has changed from the 2005 to the 2010 edition.

A new warning was added for Stiffened Seated connections with HSS columns, in which the length of seat plate exceeds the flat width of the section.

Other several minor fixes.
Product:Bentley RAM Connection CONNECT Edition v11.01.01.240