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Amada ap100 v6.0

Amada ap100 v6.0
AP100US is the most widely used CAD/CAM package available for sheet metal fabrication. AP100US is the industry leading solution for programming Punching, Laser, WaterJet, Plasma and Combination Punch/Cut CNC machines. AP100US provides a mature and stable software environment that you can rely on.

AP100US utilizes a built-in 2D CAD system with sheet metal specific logic and direct integration with best-of-class 3D Solid Modeling packages. AP100US natively supports and interfaces with all industry standard file formats, ensuring that you will be able to meet your clients\’ requirements. Compatible across all makes and models of both punching and cutting machines, you can match software functionality and cost to your machine’s capability. A large pool of experienced AP100US programmers assures the maximum flexibility in hiring and minimum training of your personnel.
Product:Amada ap100 v6.0