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Bentley RM Bridge Advanced CONNECT Edition v10.03.01.01

Bentley RM Bridge Advanced CONNECT Edition v10.03.01.01
RM Bridge Advanced CONNECT Edition is comprehensive
2D/3D/4D software used by bridge engineers for bridges
of all types, materials, and construction methods. A fully
integrated modeling, analysis, and design process and
rapid results processing bring economy to bridge design.
RM Bridge Advanced produces deliverables derived
directly from the models being analyzed – improving bridge
constructability and ensuring smooth project delivery.
RM Bridge software comprises a selection of advanced
modules for the intensive analysis requirements of complex
bridge types, such as long-span, cable-stayed, and
suspension bridges. Add-on modules address specialized
activities such as advanced earthquake analysis, rolling
stock analysis, erection control, simulation of wind-tunnel
tests, wind buffeting, as well as a variety of construction
and fabrication methods such as incremental launching,
in-situ casting and others.
RM Bridge Advanced Non-linear
Additional module RM Bridge Advanced Non-linear provides all advanced
features dealing with non-linearity of the structural behavior. This relates to
large displacement geometric non-linearity as well as to advanced material
non-linearity (inelastic hysteretic behavior).
Material non-linearity covers special effects like elastic non-linear behavior,
inelastic behavior, multiple dependency of constitutive laws on several state
parameters, cracked concrete with reinforcement and prestressing, redistribution
of stresses in composite sections, proper follow up of the stress and strain state
throughout the construction schedule, load stepping action for determining the
formation of plastic hinges (push-over analysis).
This module also contains various advanced highly non-linear spring elements
with multiple dependencies and/or hysteretic behavior (e.g. special rail-track
interaction springs, hysteretic friction elements, etc.).
Consideration of large displacement represents an important part of non-linearity
and is required for failure analyses (stability), proper handling of movable devices
such as roller bearings, accurate pre-cambering procedures in construction
engineering, dealing with bascule bridges, and so on.
All non-linearity effects can be combined and properly followed up throughout
the construction schedule. A robust iteration scheme allows fast convergence
even in cases with extraordinarily high non-linearity
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