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norsar 2017.1

norsar 2017.1
NORSAR-3D is the most advanced product on the market for seismic illumination studies and model-based survey evaluation and analysis.

NORSAR-3D Seismic Modelling Basic
NORSAR-3D Basic is the product of choice for quick subsurface coverage and illumination
analysis. The NORSAR-3D Basic provides comprehensive information about the coverage of subsurface targets, ranging from overview maps of the entire target area to detailed analysis of angular and azimuthal coverage of selected points of interest. The studies can be surveyindependent, providing the upper possible illumination limit, only restricted by the subsurface properties; or the illumination capabilities can be studies for a specific survey. In NORSAR-3D Basic the subsurface models have a quite simple structure, and the models are
very easy to define. Still NORSAR-3D Basic covers a wide range of subsurface models commonly found in illumination studies. The two main types of results made in NORSAR-3D Basic are the Illumination maps (IMAP) and the Illumination rays (IRAY). The Illumination maps give the overview, while the Illumination rays provide more details.

NORSAR-3D Seismic Modelling Pro
NORSAR-3D Pro grants a user-friendly application driven modelling package for seismic
illumination studies including amplitudes and model-based survey evaluation and analysis. It contains a comprehensive model builder allowing complex subsurface structures including heterogeneous and anisotropic elastic parameters. NORSAR-3D Pro contains all features from NORSAR-3D Basic.

NORSAR-3D Seismic Modelling Expert
NORSAR-3D Expert is a complete package for in-depth seismic illumination studies and modelbased survey evaluation and analysis. It is the best in class ray tracing tool available in the market with unlimited batch processes, a Kirchhoff Target Migration workflow, extended export functionality and access to the software application toolkit. NORSAR-3D Expert contains all features from NORSAR-3D Pro and NORSAR-3D Basic.

SeisRoX is a flexible, efficient and easy-to-use seismic modelling software which rapidly calculates the seismic response of geological reservoir models while at the same time simulating the effects of complex 3D overburden and source-receiver illumination/resolution effects.

SeisRoX Basic
SeisRoX Basic consists of the Local-target PSDM Simulator, Analytic PSDM Filter and Utility workflows.

SeisRoX Pro
In addition to all workflows included in SeisRoX Basic, the SeisRoX Pro version also consists of the Full-field PSDM Simulator and Rock Calibration workflows.

The NORSAR MDesign software allows the user to define various sensor network configurations and compute and interpret the detectability and location uncertainty for a user-defined velocity model.

MDesign Basic
The MDesign Basic version consists of the Detectability and Location uncertainty workflows.

MDesign Pro
The MDesign Pro version offers in addition to the Detectability and Location uncertainty workflows also the Focusing workflow.
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