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solidThinking Click2Form 2017.2

solidThinking Click2Form 2017.2
solidThinking, Inc., a leading provider of industrial design software, announced the release of Click2Form 2017 is a brand new SolidThinking product used for rapid stamping feasibility analysis based on inverse analysis technology.

Starting with sheet metal parts or tool geometry, product designers and process development engineers can utilize Click2Form to predict and eliminate manufacturability issues with just a few mouse clicks early in the design process, significantly reducing lead time. Additionally, Click2Form accurately calculates the shape of the starting blank, and provides utilities for blank nesting to determine optimal nesting layout that minimizes material wastage.
solidThinking Click2Form 2017.153
What\’s new and changed in solidThinking Click2Form 2017:Prepare Model
– Defeature tool: The Flange tool has been enhanced to automatically detect and highlight flange based on your cursor position.
Setup Analysis
– Materials tool: The Materials tool has been added to enable you to create, store, and manage the materials assigned to parts. This new tool is preloaded with a library of materials, from which you can choose from. You can also load materials from your own data database or create new materials in the session. A thickness and material can now be assigned to a part through the context menu.
– Constrain tool: The steps to create blankholders and drawbeads have been enhanced with the guide bar to allow for the creation of multiple constraints simultaneously. Blankholder surfaces and drawbead edges are now highlighted before creation, based on your cursor location, to improve user interaction.
– Analysis Explorer: In the Analysis Explorer, the Max and Min values for the Result Types legend can now be modified for ease of use when post-processing the results.
Resolved Issues
– Issues regarding the failure to create midsurfaces for selected solid parts have been resolved.
Product:solidThinking Click2Form 2017.2