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GeoTeric 2016.2

GeoTeric 2016.2
GeoTeric has announced the release of GeoTeric® 2016.2 which continues to improve the user experience through faster performance, extended interpretation functionalities and improved metrics reporting.

Speed improvements in the Expression Tools ensure interactive performance with big data, allowing the interpreter to make faster decisions using the example driven interface to accurately optimise the attribute parameters first time round.

Extended well functionality capabilities includes the simultaneous display of up to three logs per well, improved visualisation and performance and the ability to QC and edit wells.

Improved metrics for geobodies and horizons which can be incorporated into the new STOIIP/GIIP calculator, completing the prospect generation workflow.

Extended editing and transfer of fault sticks and surfaces allows the interpreter to better integrate accurate structural interpretations into the full GeoTeric workflow, including enhancements to 3rd party Links.

Left & Middle: GeoTeric’s new multi log display and improved multi well visualisation and performance. Right: Geobody, fault & horizon interpretation : in GeoTeric.
Product:GeoTeric 2016.2