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NCbrain 12.0

NCbrain 12.0
Mold delivery and quality are affected by how fast and good in NC milling.
NC milling totally depends on CAM data and engineer’s skill and experiences.
This causes big difference in quality and time, and there is big limit in CAM functions.
System with Data Base
Set up data base based on material, tool, equipment, and company trait.
NCBrain builds the best data base considering cutting condition of machine specification, tools, stocks, and items. Existing data base will be regenerate
into optimized NC data by simulation of NC Data. The optimized NC Data make the safest and the fastest machining at all times without any accident
considering feedrate control, tool path addition on overload area, and automatic aircut delete.
Feed rate control
Save milling time and prevent tool breakage
Calculating Cut Load, Add Optimized Feed Rate Automatically
Cutting load is continuously changing along the work shape.
For this part, normal feed rate would be F1000.
But now, NCBrain controls feed rates, from F800 to
F4000 automatically.
Faster and safer machining is possible.
Air Cut delete
Save time, easy CAM job
Unnecessary tool path called ‘Air Cut’ reaches normally to
5% to 30%.
This Air Cut paths should be deleted.
NCBrain deletes unnecessary Air Cut paths automatically,
and make easy CAM job accordingly.
Few load path delete
Reduce time in roughing & semi
This function makes rapid machining on thin load area
The small remained load will be cut later by necessary
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