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FTI Sculptured Die Face 2017.0.0.13948 Win64

FTI Sculptured Die Face 2017.0.0.13948 Win64
FTI, the industry\’s leading developer of sheet metal forming solutions, has released update for the worldwide release of FormingSuite Sculptured Die Face (SDF) 2017 to address the needs of cost estimation, process planning and metal forming simulation.

Typical applications of Sculptured Die Face will include:

– Improving the accuracy of Material Cost Estimates by accurately considering the Process geometry (including addendum) rather than just the part shape
– Providing more detailed information to Process Planners responsible for identifying die size, forming and trimming operations, press tonnage and tooling costs
– Providing the necessary geometry to run accurate virtual die tryout FTI\’s dedicated, industry driven approach gives clients the ability to develop full draw developments, die faces and first form geometry in minutes, without the limitations of section lines and the difficulties associated with creating complex transition geometry in CAD systems. Fully interactive editing tools enable users to adjust and refine addendum geometry with ease, taking the user from concept to complete draw development in seconds. SDF greatly simplifies the work involved in positioning and attaching double- (and multi-) attached parts, creating, editing and evaluating fully developable curved binder geometry, controlling the depth of draw, defining addendum shape and creating a fully surfaced draw developments.

Additional capabilities of Sculptured Die Face include:

– 3D CAD data import
– Geometry editing tools
– Die tip optimization based minimization of draft angle or draw depth
– Detailed evaluation and visualization of undercut, draw depth, draft angle, trimming conditions
– Quick visualization of unfolded flanges for die face requirements
– Creating and morphing addendum curves
– Automatic surfacing of 3D addendum
– Accurate development of trim lines for subsequent flanging operations
– Customized export for downstream use in FTI\’s FormingSuite or for use in CAD
Product:FTI Sculptured Die Face 2017.0.0.13948 Win64