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PCI Geomatica 2016 SP2

PCI Geomatica 2016 SP2
he Air
Ortho Suite and ADS
Ortho Suite both
include rigorous models used to correct the
geometry of analogue
and digital cameras and to
produce orthorectified air photos. These models
compensate for the effects of varying terrain and for the distortions inherent to a camera
, such as the
curvature of the lens, focal length, perspective effects, and the camera’s position and orientation. The
computed math model calculates the camera’s position and orientation when an image is taken.
Module Prerequisites
The Air
Photo Ortho Suite
and ADS Ortho Suite are
to Geomatica.
Geomatica Core or Geomatica Prime as a pre
Supported Air Photo Formats
Geomatica supports the following aerial image formats in Air Photo Ortho Suite (Standard and
Digital/Video) and ADS Ortho Suite (ADS):
These are images scanned from film or prints. These images often measure 9 inches by 9 inches in
size and usually contain calibration (fiducial) marks. Normally, a camera calibration report is supplied
with the images. The camera calibration report provides data about the camera; such as the focal
length, fiducial coordinates and
radial distortion parameters.
These are images generated from CCD arrays (Charged Coupled Devices) in digital cameras. A
camera calibration report may not be supplied with the images. Most companies that provide calibration
services for standard aerial cameras can provide camera calibration services for digital and video
cameras. The minimum required parameters are focal length (determined when the lens is set) and
chip size (which can be obtained from the camera manufacturer). Oblique imager
y is not supported.
Leica Airborne Digital Sensor (
The Leica airborne digital sensor (ADS) is a line-
scanning sensor that collects images in l
ong strips up
to 24,000 pixels wide. This camera can simultaneously collect panchromatic, color, infrared and
imagery. All multispectral bands are collected simultaneously providing five-
band, co-
imagery at a common, high resolution
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