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UniSim – Software for Process Design and Simulation
Honeywell’s UniSim® software family substantially improves simulation of online and off-line process unit design and optimization applications and helps determine the workflow, equipment needs and implementation requirements for a particular process. Users can easily capture and share process knowledge, improve plant profitability, and maximize the return on their simulation investments.
The UniSim Competency Suite is made up of the following components:

UniSim Curriculum: Customizable framework for a structured operator competency management program to ensure trainees demonstrate and perfect critical skills and behaviors

UniSim Tutor: Knowledge capture and propagation tool, which provides a repository for domain knowledge and experiences to teach and evaluate \’what if\’ reflexes and diagnostic abilities for improved decision-making

UniSim Operations: Dynamic plant operator training simulation system that accelerates knowledge transfer by consolidating a range of typical and emergency training experiences into a concise curriculum

UniSim Field View: An interactive, navigable, panoramic 2D field operator training environment that is based on high-resolution photographs of the facility and fully integrated with UniSim Operations training simulator

UniSim 3D Connect: Interface technology and tools to provide UniSim Operations training simulator connectivity and integration to 3D immersive virtual field operator training and visualization environments.