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TEBIS V4.0 R3 for win64

Tebis Version 4.0 was made available on the market in the summer of 2015. Release 3 was delivered worldwide on October 21st of this year. The many new features in Tebis 4.0 were always among the hot topics at all the industry events in 2016. Here is an overview of the new features in R3.
User interface

Simple and informative – Toolbars and menu panels can be docked to the edge of the application window.

Clearer overall impression – A uniform edge color and isolines that can be shown and hidden ensure a clear contrast between wire-frame and surface models.

Quick file selection – Starting Tebis opens a project dialog with previews of recently used files.

Faster output of complex files – The new function \”Element export by selection from layer tree\” automatically breaks up Tebis files into multiple individual files − optimal for assemblies and complex files with many manufactured parts.
Design and manufacturing preparation

Easily engrave components – The \”Design / Cons / Label\” function can be used to engrave texts, logos and numbers. This creates a text projected on the component geometry. The \”NC5ax / MEngrave\” function, which is also new, calculates the corresponding toolpath.

Quickly create parallel curves – Multiple parallel curves can be calculated simultaneously with the extended \”Design / Curve / Parall\” function.

Optimally plan tool use – Determine the optimum tool diameter for MPlan and MCont NCSets and account for residual stock before even starting machining. Switch directly to the tool library from the Job Manager and exchange the corresponding tools.

Easily create guide curves – Function NCPrep/Struct can be used to create guide curves more efficiently for the high-quality MSurf \”Curve synchronous\” and \”Z variable\” strategies – you can check the curve position, repair curves, smooth them and create parallel curves.
Active surface preparation

Drastically reduce manual reworking – \”The ActSurf / Reduce\” function for convenient flattening of positive radii has been extended. This prevents contact of the sheet metal with the die.
Reverse engineering

Create perfect surface transitions – Revised algorithms in the \”BRep / Surf / Approx \” and \”BRep / Surf / Fill\” functions offer better transition qualities for 4-edge surfaces; segmentation is simultaneously reduced.

Conveniently adjust tolerances – You can select between an automatically determined suggested tolerance or the standard tolerance, depending on the specific application with the \”Suggest tolerance\” function in the \”BRep / Surf / Approx\” and \”BRep / Face / Approx\” functions.
Product:TEBIS V4.0 R3 for win64