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Geophysical Interpretation Tools

HampsonRussell offers a fully integrated suite of world-class geophysical interpretation tools for reservoir characterization. Known for its ease of use, HampsonRussell makes sophisticated geophysical techniques accessible to all levels of geophysicists. New features for reservoir characterization
New features in HampsonRussell 10.2 help extract and predict attributes along horizontal wells and provide better workflows for greater productivity with new data conditioning, inversion and map prediction features. The 10.2 release contains various improvements to Gather Conditioning, Strata, Pro4D, GeoSI, RockSI and other modules. These enhanced capabilities reflect a commitment to continually improve reservoir characterization technologies for all geoscientists.

MapPredict: Formerly ISMap

New map-based geostatistical tool for integrating well and seismic attribute data into detailed maps
Fully integrated, easy-to-use
Maintenance upgrade to existing licensees of ISMap
Significant improvements that will increase ease and usefulness
New analysis capabilities in AVO, Strata and Emerge

AVO and ProAZ data conditioning enhancements for better processes

Improved data conditioning with isotropic or azimuthal NMO
Fxy Deconvolution and Spectral Balancing processes