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ntegrated Work Environment

Supports most major reservoir simulators.
Compare data from multiple runs with historical well data while simultaneously viewing the well location in the context of the grid solution.
View bubble pie charts to analyze the relationship between well production data and the movement of reservoir fluids.

Deep Reservoir Exploration

Explore 3D solutions with arbitrary slices, blanking, and iso-surfaces.
Interactively seed streamtraces in the reservoir flow.
Examine multiple grid properties in one view.
Display fault surfaces and explore adjacent grid properties.
Calculate new grid and well variables using conditional expressions.
Use delta bubbles to find regions with a poor history match.

Tecplot RS Streamlines

Understand your reservoir with Tecplot RS. Try it for free.

Tecplot RS differs from other visualization packages on the market in several ways. Tecplot RS is easy to use, offers more capabilities, and produces better-quality images, both on screen and hardcopy.
– James Gilman, Director of Engineering at iReservoir
Streamlined Reservoir Engineering Workflows

Use the plot gallery to save specific XY, 2D, and 3D plot configurations and recall them
at any point during the project.
Record macros and templates to streamline repetitive tasks.
Interactively define well groups and compare group results for multiple simulations.
Modify properties for selected regions and output for subsequent runs.

Unique Analysis Tool

Easily perform sums and averages of properties in regions and layers.
Create histograms and cross plots to gain statistical insights for your reservoir.
Calculate periodic production rates from cumulative variables.
Integrate grid properties in subdivided regions and intervals.
Quantify history match quality.

Responsive Tecplot Support

Take advantage of new software releases twice per year.
Get response from our technical support team in one day or less.
Get help with installation, troubleshooting, and solutions for workflow issues specific to your workplace.