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CYPE Suite 2016o

CYPE Suite 2016o
CYPE’s evaluation version can be tried out by anyone who wishes to, with free access to all the software for a limited period of time.

The Evaluation version allows for all of CYPE’s software to be used free of charge for 10 days, not necessarily consecutive, during which all the options of our programs can be evaluated. A permanent internet connection is required. Even though 10 days may seem a short period of time (most trial versions allow for 30 days use after they have been installed), as they are not consecutive, it is the equivalent of using the program an average of once a week, for over two months. Our version, with a smaller number of days but without limiting the range of dates for its use, allows for the evaluation of the program to be interrupted and then continued at a later date.
New features and download of the 2016.a version

New modules
Composite steel and concrete columns (Structures)
Code implementation and improvements in its application
Concrete code
ACI 318M-11 (USA)
Composite steel and concrete columns
New column editing features
Edit in table
Edit in column schedule
Jobs analysed with previous versions
Base shear condition verification. Results adjustment
Axial stiffness coefficient, Cover and Concrete resistance when introducing and editing a column
V bracing
Design and check of reinforced concrete columns, and composite steel and concrete column check
Job menu. General data
Job menu. Dimensioning units
New job assistant
Tools menu (new)
Planes menu
Window menu. Plan views and elevation views
Bar menu. Introduction of bars as structural elements
Properties of Column-type structural elements
Properties of Beam-type structural elements
Analyse menu
Drawing selection
User license
CYPE 3D and CYPE-Connect
Types of welds
Connections without stiffeners
Analysis of Toshiba variable refrigerant flow (VRF) installations
Thermal analysis for France
Automatic quantity measurement on drawings and link with CAD programs
Assign height for measurements with a vertical component
Bill of quantities of Revit models
Quantity combinations for job items measured by number of units
Improvements in the change tracking system
Revit model sub-category import
Quantity measurement by Sweeping
“Paint” material import
IVE edition of Arquimedes
Product:CYPE Suite 2016o