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Synopsys Hspice vL-2016.06.SP1

Synopsys Hspice vL-2016.06.SP1 for win/linux

Gold standard for accurate circuit simulation.
Extensive model support of the most accurate and expansive set of industry-standard and proprietary simulation models.

HSPICE just got faster again! Synopsys has made HSPICE a performance leader on both single- and multicore computers
Significant speed up for cell characterization applications, large extracted netlists, signal integrity, and 65 nm designs.

Design for Yield – Process Variability and Device Reliability Simulation
Process & Interconnect Variation – Models both device and interconnect variation
Variation Block – powerful and flexible mechanism for defining process variation effects.
AC & DCMatch – efficient statistical simulation for local parameter mismatch effects.
\”Smart\” Monte Carlo – all-purpose statistical simulation that runs several times faster than tradition Monte Carlo techniques.
MOSRA device reliability analysis – simulate HCI and NBTI device aging effects
Board and Package Design Integrity Analysis
Enhanced W-elements and S-parameters to model signal integrity issues and support SI Analysis.
Support for massive 500 port S-parameters

RF and High Speed Simulation
Best RF Simulator for PLL and VCO applications
Most Accurate RF Simulator
Fastest RF Simulator
High Capacity RF Simulator, 10000+ transistors with both Harmonic Balance and Shooting Newton algorithms
Comprehensive solution simulates low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, filters, AGC circuits, oscillators, mixers, multipliers, modulators, demodulators, and VCOs.
product:Synopsys Hspice vL-2016.06.SP1