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WorkNC 2016
WorkNC keeps on improving its well-known expertize in efficient and reliable machining. WorkNC 2016 integrates the innovative Waveform technology that will reinforce its key assets: toolpath reliability, time savings, cost reduction and high surface quality.

The Waveform technology

Increased tool service life

In order de maintain a constant chip load, the strategy machines from the external side of the stock towards the geometry of the part.

This principle avoids sharp directional changes, especially on external areas, which allows maintaining a consistent tool engagement in the material and reducing the number of retracts on the toolpath. The tool and machine service life is therefore improved.

Higher Productivity

The lateral step is automatically adjusted in order to maintain a constant chip load over the whole toolpath. It is therefore possible to maintain constant feed rates during the whole cycle that is 5 times faster than traditional roughing. Machining is performed using the full cutting length (as much as possible) of the tool, equally distributing the load and not only on the tip of the tool.

Quality drives Productivity in WorkNC 2016

Combined with the WorkNC Collision Detection module, which allows detecting collisions and out-of-limit conditions in the whole machining environment, the Waveform technology offers highly secured and reliable toolpaths that improve quality while maintaining high productivity levels.

Still aiming at reducing time cycles and improving surface quality, WorkNC 2016 enhances its Wall Machining strategy with a Lace cycle used with the appropriate tools.

Without this Lace option, machining is done from top to bottom, and the tool moves up in rapid feed rate. With the Lace option, the first pass is done from top to bottom, and the next pass is done from bottom to top. The toolpath is shorter, with less retracts, machining time is therefore reduced.
Auto5 module in standalone version

In version 2016, Auto5, the game changing technology in 5-axis machining, is available as a fully integrated module.

It is no more necessary to obtain the whole 5-Axis module. Thanks to this module, users can automatically generate 5 axis toolpaths based on existing 3 axis toolpaths while also taking into consideration the kinematics of the selected 5 axis NC machine.

Engineers can convert 3-axis and 3+2-axis toolpaths into simultaneous 5-axis machining toolpaths. Programming can be done directly in the shop floor.

Intelligent toolpaths are automatically and dynamically controlled to avoid collisions and respect the rotational limits of the machine.
The Auto5 technology allows using shorter and more rigid tools in order to finish most of the part at once. Using the Auto5 module makes it easier to finish the project.
Always more intuitive

WorkNC regularly improve its ergonomics to bring comfort to users. In version 2016, WorkNC makes command selection easier in the user interface. Commands are now at the users\’ fingertips.
The WorkNC 2016 interface is more intuitive thanks to new icons for calculated operations.
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