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Hotfix 3 for DS Icem Surf 2015.2 Win64

Hotfix 3 for DS Icem Surf 2015.2 Win64
Dassault Systemes, a world leader in 3D and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, has released update (SP2) of ICEM Surf 2015, the industry-leading Explicit Class A surface modeling, analysis and visualization solution.
– ICEM Surf continues to extend and improves its core modeling capabilities
ICEM Surf suite of products brings time saving and productivity improvements to the Class-A surface design phases with numerous enhancements to existing Curve & Surface modeling capabilities and geometry management tools to further improve user workflow. All are customer driven enhancements which include tools such as Corner Blend, Styling Corner, Curve Blend, Patch trim, Move, Fillet flange provides more efficiency by including more checks while generating geometry, avoiding to go back on it later on, making it right at the first shot.
– ICEM Surf keeps improving its advanced surfacing design technologies
Improvement on ball Corner brings letter default shape from the software, and one more gap is now available.
– ICEM Surf keeps improving session management tools
Many ergonomics improvements have been provided with ICEM Surf 2015 for an even more efficient data usage within Reference Manager & Object Manager
– Extended Data visualization export capabilities
Product:Hotfix 3 for DS Icem Surf 2015.2 Win64