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HEADS Site 18

HEADS Site 18
Applications for Engineering Design

Alignment design for Highways, Low cost rural roads, Tunnels, Railways, MRT, LRT etc.
Processing Geometric design with complete set of site setting-out information
Producing best formatted construction drawings for PLAN, PROFILE, Cross Sections
Produces Estimation of Quantities,
Analysis of Item Unit Rates,
Flexible pavement design as per IRC SP 20, SP 72, AASHTO etc.,
Rigid Concrete Pavement design
Pavement Overlay design
Layered System Analysis for Pavement improvement using Geotextiles, Fiber Glass reinforcements etc.
Bituminous Mix Design
Hydrological design of road Drainage,
Multi-level Grade separated Interchanges etc.
Detailed and well formatted Design Reports and Drawings.
Produces LANDXML output for 3D Visualization Drive Through by software UC/winRoad.

Applications for Construction

Processing Cross Sections Survey by Auto Level,
Bill of Quantities for Running Account Billing
Chainage wise Cross Section Drawings,
Analysis for Unit Item Rates,
Generating Site Setting out details with desired modifications as and when required,
Preparation of As built Drawings
Alignment Control for Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM),
String Tables with Elevations at Normal Cross fall & Super elevated sections for construction by advanced motor grader and Paver.

Special Points on Technical Specifications

Co-ordinate Conversion to exchange data between GPS & Total Station.
Traverse Survey with String Modeling and closing error distribution.
Contouring with user defined intervals and display of Elevations.
DTM is accurate & can take up to 300,000 points.
Model Strings may take up to 20,000 Strings.
Conceptualization of Route Alignment on Aerial Photograph / Satellite Imagery.
Co-ordinate transformation from Long-Lat to East-North and the reverse
Low Cost Rural Road design using IRC SP 19, SP 20 & SP 72.
Design and estimating of Rural Roads with “No Land Acquisition” criterion
Optimized road profile design for Exact Quantity of Pavement, Profile correction & Overlay.
Design of Hill Roads with Sharp bends and variety of design conditions.
Expressway design with Speed higher than 100 KPH following AASHTO.
Hydrological design of Highway Drainage.
Pavement design & Cost Estimation with Analysis for Unit Item Rates.
Asphalt Concrete Mix Design & Quality Control.
Auto level survey for Cross Sections and Bill of Quantities.
Extended ground in Cross Section drawing to show full Survey Corridor.
Built-in CAD engine for viewing and editing drawings compatible to AutoCAD.
DXF Plan, Profile & Cross Section Drawings compatible to all CAD software.
Long Section Drawing with Alignment & Super Elevation details, even in Pieces.
Plan drawings in sheet wise pieces by Sheet Layout.
Interactive design for a length of 100 Km in one go (in True Sense).
Control on Shifting of Alignment for Tunnel Centre Line.
Design interchangeability with other popular Road design software.
3D perspective view from various angles
Exporting LANDXML data for “Drive Through” Simulation by UC winRoad.
Straight forward interactive design for Main Alignment & Interchange Loops.
Irregular occurrence of Service Roads on either side and change of cross section.
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