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Schlumberger.Interactive.Petrophysics.v4.4(ip 4.4)

Formation evaluation of reservoir rock and fluid contents

Accurate determination of petrophysical properties for both the reservoir and its fluid contents is the basis of relevant formation evaluation.
Real-time, quantified data backed by laboratory analysis

Complete sets of real-time, quantified petrophysical measurements can be logged while drilling or acquired on wireline in both open and cased holes. Laboratory core and PVT analysis of recovered core and fluid samples confirms and enriches the available information.

Wireline Services

Evaluate in real time and high resolution using the industry’s most accurate and comprehensive set of quantified petrophysical measurements.

LWD Services

Evaluate lithology, porosity, saturation, and permeability properties while drilling to facilitate timely, informed decisions.
Surface Logging

Benefit from decision-ready information delivered by Geoservices surface logging to precisely identify well status and placement and detect potential pay zones.
Interpretation Services

Evaluate the properties that help determine hydrocarbon reserves and reservoir producibility, decide where to complete and how to stimulate, pinpoint where to drill next, and devise long-term field development strategies.

Reservoir Laboratory Services

Meet a variety of reservoir rock and fluids challenges with the help of dedicated laboratory teams delivering trusted, research-quality, integrated analysis services that help you make critical decisions.
Product:Schlumberger.Interactive.Petrophysics.v4.4(ip 4.4)