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GMG Software

ION’s GMG Software is recognized worldwide for providing the upstream exploration industry with software solutions for acquisition survey design, illumination modeling, acquisition project tracking, and near-surface refraction statics. GMG software is used by contractors and oil & gas companies to gain greater assurance that the seismic data being acquired will deliver a superior seismic image within their budget constraints. Key offerings include:

MESA software for land 2D, 3D, 4D and full-wave (multicomponent) acquisition design, is a tool of choice when planning, modeling and tracking complex acquisition scenarios. By using MESA, our customers obtain a custom-designed survey plan that addresses their specific imaging objectives in consideration of both the geophysical tradeoffs and cost parameters.

Companies around the globe have used MESA to achieve their imaging objectives. Whether a seismic survey is basic or complex, MESA delivers decision-making functionality that can make any acquisition program a success