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Software finds the controlling combination for each condition to optimize design.
Simple and efficient graphical user interface to quickly model your footing.
Complete control of every single aspect of design.
Impress clients and plan-checkers with the eye-catching reports.
Design concrete footings in minutes (not hours).
Confidently optimize your design and comply with the design Code provisions.
Verify every step of the design quickly. Not a “black box”.
Versatility to model a full set of load combinations, or just a single load.
No silly assumptions or math shortcuts. Reliable, accurate results.
Design spread, strap, or combined footings fast and reliably.
Focus on engineering and let ASDIP FOUNDATION handle mathematical complexity.
Any Windows® Operating System. No additional software required.
Full compliance with:
ACI 318-14
ASCE 7-10
Complete stability analysis for overturning, sliding, uplift, and bearing.
Exact mathematical solution of bearing pressures, shears and moments under biaxial loading.
Column may be eccentric on footing in both directions.
Graphic display of the bearing pressures, one-way / punching shears, and moments.
Customizable design criteria, options and conditions.
Complete design of footing and footing-column interface.
Plain concrete strength considered.
Combined text-with-values output updated with each new change.
Three different units systems available:
US (in, ft, Kip, ksi)
SI (cm, m, N, MPa)
MKS (cm, m, Tn, Kg/cm2)
Outstanding quality outputs with Print Preview.
Multiple calculations under a single project file.
Project Manager handles calculations and file management.
Both At-a-Glance and Detailed calculation tabs.
Multiple loading for dead, live, roof live, snow, wind and seismic.