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Quickly import and visually examine virtually all industry standard PCB CAM file types including intelligent formats such as ODB++, IPC-2581 and PADS ASCII.


Access to all PCB CAM data is fast and easy using the hierarchical data Navigator and interactive inspection tools.


Dynamic and flexible DfM Analysis Suite with over 75 Design & Manufacturing Checks including SMD, Thermal, Etch, Spacing, Soldermask, Silkscreen, Blind/Buried Vias, NC, and Embedded Passives. Netlist Comparison to external netlists (IPC-D-356, etc.) provides graphical results with “pin-point” error location finder. Layer Comparison allows easy detection of changes between different versions. All Analysis results can be evaluated hierarchically using the Analysis Navigator, viewed graphically or produced as text/graphic reports. Flaws detected by Analysis tools can be automatically corrected selectively or in full.


Mark-Up Tools allow easy annotation of PCB post-processing issues or conveyance of special instructions. Communicate easily between users/departments by embedding Mark-ups in the compact single file design database.


Manufacturing Preparation Tools are many, flexible and often fully automatic: Solder & Paste Mask creation, Stencil design, robust NC Mill/Drill generation including path optimization, Bare Board Test setup, Oversize/Undersize, Flatten Composites, etc. Flexible data editing features are numerous.

Assembly Processing

Reverse Engineer any Gerber data set for Assembly Centroid Extraction. Five Automated methods of Part Identification. Support for Board and Part Fiducials. Universal BOM Importer. Output support for FATF, ODB++, ODB++(XML) and GenCAD.


Advanced Panelization Tooling of Single or Multiple designs, Flip Panels, Template support and user defined Balance patterns. Easily create Assembly Sub Panels. Powerful panel layout optimizer. Very easy to do “what if” layouts.


Flexible Documentation Tool Suite allows easy creation of Fab drawings including Auto Hole Chart generation, Auto Dimensioning and built-in support for standard drawing notes and construction lines. Complete Print generation included along with HI-RES Bitmap export.


Swiftly generate Tooling data files in all popular formats: Gerber, Drill, Mill, IPC-D-356/A/B.