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PLAXIS 2D 2016

PLAXIS 2D 2016
PLAXIS 2D 2016 has arrived, bringing users primarily new features for tunnelling, as well as many other additions across the main program, the Dynamics and the Thermal module. PLAXIS 2D 2016 now also officially supports Windows 10 Pro and it includes the free to use PLAXIS 2D 2016 Viewer.

Easy definition of rockbolts (VIP)

In the Tunnel Designer, it is now possible to add rockbolts to tunnel segments. Users can assign multiple rockbolt configurations to the same segment or assign the configuration across multiple segments. An offset, spacing, and rockbolt length can be given to each configuration. Find out more on our knowledge base.

Field Stress (VIP)

The new initial stress calculation called field stress, allows users to directly input the in-situ stress magnitudes and orientation. This allows users to more easily perform analysis for deep tunnelling and other applications where the initial stress field cannot be modelled with the K0-procedure. On the knowledge base you can learn more on this new feature.

Automatic centerline extraction for forces
Automatic Centerline Extraction (VIP)

When modelling constructive elements by means of volume elements, the Output program can now automatically extract the centerlines of these objects to create various forces plot. This is even possible with constructive elements that have a non uniform thickness. Applications can include retaining walls or quay walls, volume tunnel lining, box culverts etc.

Snapping Improvements

Users can now snap to the intersection of lines when drawing, or force a point on the intersection of the lines via the command line (_generateintersectionpoints). The snapping is visually indicated through a small green circle.

Other new features

Non-linear embedded beam row (M-Kappa diagrams)
Copy in circular patterns with the polar array (VIP)
New Soiltest type: Cyclic direct shear test
Select number of significant digits displayed
Reduce required project disk space by changing the saved step interval
Use the Output command line to display plots, or save plots with user defined resolution
Remote scripting: display and save plot types (VIP)
Option for semi-automatic determination of calculation sub-steps (Dynamics)
Option to fix all nodes in vertical or horizontal direction in dynamic calculations (VIP, Dynamics)
New thermal boundary condition: Thermosiphon (Thermal)
Ice Saturation plot in Output (Thermal)
Temperature-dependent water properties (Thermal)
PLAXIS 2D 2016 Viewer included in the release
Product:PLAXIS 2D 2016
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