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Schlumberger Hydro GeoAnalyst 2016.1

Schlumberger Hydro GeoAnalyst 2016.1
Effortless Environmental Data Management

Universal Data Transfer System

Easily import and validate data from virtually any data source, including Excel, Access, other MS SQL databases, EDDs and Mobile EDDs, Diver MON files or LAS files.

Template Manager

Fully customize your environmental database to your specific project needs with options to add unlimited tables and fields

Query Builder

Easily create, save and recall data queries and extract useful information about your project. Knowledge of SQL Server syntax is not required!

List Editor

Create lists if of valid values for almost any field in your database, (e.g. Chemical Name, Soil Type) for consistent and reliable data entry

List Editor

Material Specifications Editor

Create, edit and manage material specifications and patterns for your project

material editor
Quick Checker

Validates your field data against your Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) template.

QA/QC Lab Assessment

Verify the accuracy of laboratory result through the analysis of blank, duplicate and spiked samples, dilution factors, detection limits and holding times

Streamlined Field Planning

Event Planner

Easily plan future sampling events and other field activities, schedule recurring sampling rounds and set automatic reminders to ensure a sampling round is never missed

Field Plan Reports

Event plans are automatically converted into reports which can be printed and given to field personnel for keeping track of progress in the field

Integrated Data Analysis & Visualization

Well Profile

Replaces the Borehole Log Plotter (BHLP), and provides better performance when working with larger data sets, and now supports displaying deviated wells by autmatically calculating true vertical depth based on inclination values.

Map Manager

Create detailed maps of your site, and visualize station data, recharge areas, contours of water table and contaminant hot spots

Cross Section Editor

Produce detailed cross section diagrams showing geologic, hydrogeologic and model layers

Scene Viewer

Displays your project data in 3D quicker and easier than ever before. This great new feature also supports visualization of deviated (non vertical) wells.

Geochemistry Extension†

Analyze chemical data with over 25 geochemical plots, statistical and trend analyses and exceedence reports

ArcGIS™ Integration

Connect directly to ArcGIS for performing advanced queries, mapping and geospatial analysis on your data

Flexible Reporting

Print to Excel™ & Powerpoint™

Quickly send tabular data, time series plots and borehole log plots to Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint templates

Hydro GeoAnalyst Online

Securely publish project data to the web for communicating and presenting data to colleagues and stakeholders
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