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hyperMILL® 2016.2 offers even greater performance and is easier to use than previous versions.

The new 3D plane level machining and further optimisations for 3D milling enable more efficient programming.
Highlights such as the 5axis-optimised rest material roughing ensure extremely short calculation and machining times.
5 axis tangent machining has been added to the hyperMILL® MAXX Machining performance package.
In addition, hyperCAD®-S once again includes numerous highlights and new features.
Optimised menu navigation

hyperMILL® is even more user-friendly than before. A new shortcut menu ensures even simpler and faster programming. The menu windows are structured more clearly and feature new icons.

Visibility of toolpaths: The toolpath display can be switched on and off using a visibility icon.
Feature generation: Selected areas of a job, such as faces and contours, can be generated as a feature and reused in later jobs.
Feature machining: You can now manually sort selected geometries in a feature and arrange them as required.
Global clearance plane: You can globally define the clearance plane for a project, which is then adopted automatically for all jobs.
Automatic report generation: The hyperMILL® Report from hyperMILL® can now be generated automatically with the click of a button.

JT format

hyperMILL® supports the JT neutral 3D data format for importing model data. The JT format has become the industry standard, especially in the automobile industry.
Benefit: Fast import of JT data.

TDM Systems interface

The new integration in hyperMILL® enables fast data exchange with the TDM Systems tool management system.
Benefit: Easy to use, fast tool generation.
Product:HYPWERMILL 2016.2 SP1_HYPERCAD-S 2016
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