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RockWare RockWorks v17.0 b2015.12.27

RockWare RockWorks v17.0 b2015.12.27
New in RockWorks 17: 64-bit, multi-threading, more robust databases, 3D faulting and more!

64-bit Processing for Larger, Higher Resolution Models

RockWorks 17 has been completely rewritten to use 64-bit memory addressing to take advantage of much more RAM than ever before.

Eliminate the \”Out of Memory\” error messages when calculating or displaying large models. RockWorks 17 breaks the 32-bit limitation to provide access to 128 GB – 2 TB of RAM (subject to Windows and computer hardware capabilities).

64-bit means MORE memory for models and graphics!

Bigger, Faster, Better with Multi-Threading

RockWorks 17 uses multi-threading to zip through calculations of large models. Use all the CPU cores on your computer to speed up your model calculations and display.

New 3D Faulting for Grid and Solid Models

Define a 3D fault ribbon with dips and dip directions at XYZ points, then use the fault ribbon as a barrier for 2D gridding and 3D solid modeling.
product:RockWare RockWorks v17.0 b2015.12.27