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Maptek Vulcan 9.1.0

Maptek Vulcan 9.1.0
Vulcan is the world’s premier 3D mining software solution. Vulcan users can validate and transform raw mining data into dynamic 3D models, accurate mine designs and operating plans.
Tools that allow geologists to access and view drillhole data, define geological zones, accurately model orebodies and deposits, and more.
Vulcan Geology Bundles
Vulcan Explorer

Vulcan Explorer provides an interactive 3D visualisation and modelling environment to test and validate exploration models. Block models and 3D triangulated surfaces created with Vulcan Modeller, GeoModeller or MineModeller can be viewed and assessed.
Vulcan Geomodeller

Vulcan GeoModeller is ideal for creating geological, structural and grade/quality models for stratigraphic and non-stratigraphic applications. It can also be used for geological modelling, face mapping, statistical analysis and preliminary resource calculations.
Vulcan Geostatmodeller

Vulcan GeoStatModeller is a complete configuration for performing geostatistical analysis to create models and accurately determine geological resources. Tools for variograms and grade estimation augment grid and block modelling, geology and plotting.
Product:Maptek Vulcan 9.1.0