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Leica LISCAD v12.0

Leica LISCAD v12.0
LISCAD Version 12.0 Surveying and Engineering Software introduces a multitude of new features and enhancements requested by customers around the world, making it even more powerful and comprehensive, while maintaining its intuitive ease of use. Some of the new features include:

Extend or Trim Lines
Select any two lines to create new point(s) at, or move their end point(s) to, the lines\’ extended or trimmed intersection. Also optionally creates or moves the points on each line\’s grade.
Find and Report Polygon Hiatus and Overlap
New Computations command \”Find Polygon Overlap.. (and Hiatus)\” allows selection of a bounding polygon to graphically locate any overlap or hiatus that exists between it and or any enclosed polygons. A report is optionally also available. Great for finding and correcting any unintended overlap or hiatus, and assuring the quality of the subdivision design.
Leica LS Digital Level Series
Leica\’s new range of digital levels are supported via Field Transfer for production of level sheets and updating of point elevations.
Grade and Aspect Output to CAD
New CAD Output options show a directional arrow as well as the values of grade and aspect for each triangle in the model surface.
Copy, Cut and Paste Point Cloud Scan Points
New Point Cloud command \”Copy Scan Point\” allows selection of scan points by mouse or block for copying to an existing or new scan, with optional deletion from the original scan(s).
Faster Conversion of Point Clouds Scan Points to Points
Ideal when the points are needed for use in model formation, computations or any other LISCAD functionality.
Contour Labels by Distance along Contour
New CAD Output option allows contour labels to be generated at a nominated distance along the contours.
Point Attribute Prefix or Suffix
New CAD Output options allows Point Attributes including ID, Easting, Northing, Elevation, Description and Code to be generated with nominated prefix or suffix.
Photo Flags for Lines
Image flags can be displayed at lines (as well as points and polygons) to easily see which objects have images attached.
Background Images support for Web Mercator Projection
Images on a Web Mercator projection can now be registered and imported via Background Images.
Latest Versions of D-Spec and R-Spec
The latest versions of these as constructed digital data formats for drainage and roads are supported.
Longer layer names supported in CAD Output
CAD Output now supports creation of longer AutoCAD layer names and MicroStation level names (up to 255 characters).
e-Plan enhancements
Various enhancements for all Australian e-Plan jurisdictions.
Other general enhancements throughout the system
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