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Vero Radan 2016 v34.0.02 Win64

Vero Radan 2016 v34.0.02 Win64
ero Software, the world’s largest and number one CAM specialist, announced the release of Radan 2016, is the total CAD CAM solution for cutting sheet metal. The latest release of sheet metal software, Radan, contains a number of major technological steps to improve CAD/CAM, Radbend, Radm-ax and Radtube functions.

Also, there is now a closer link between those individual modules, including a new style of program and file-type icons, giving a more unified feel.

The CAD/CAM module includes four major updates:

– Interactive auto-tooling.
“When manufacturers look at their more complex parts they make a decision on where to use auto-tooling. In previous releases of Radan, auto-tooling didn’t give the option for specific tweaking. But Radan 2016 allows users to specify which areas of the parts and nest to automatically tool, including individual variations of the parameters, such as the settings for a complicated aperture. This means you can be much more creative with the automatic tooling routines.”
– Support for the latest 2D/3D file formats.
All file converters are brought up to date to the latest versions. And new functionality provides the ability to bring in additional information about the part, including material and thickness.
– New side panel.
Radan 3D now analyses the model straight after importing it, showing a bill of material-style parts list in a panel on the right side of the screen. “As well as identifying which parts are sheet metal for manufacturing with Radan, it can make the non-relevant parts of the assembly, such as bolts and screws, invisible.
“It shows whether we can progress the sheet metal parts to the next stage, by detailing whether the material is available and if the thickness has been properly calculated, considerably reducing the risk of errors.”
– Open profile lead-ins.
Radan 2016 extends the ability of specifying the start condition of closed geometry laser cuts, to open profiles and sheet cuts. “With the new open profile lead-in function, users can choose the start condition of their open profiles…so they can start gently, or even try twice, to make sure the cut will work.”
Product:Vero Radan 2016 v34.0.02 Win64