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Intergraph SmartPlan Foundation 2014 v05.00.00.0018

Intergraph SmartPlan Foundation 2014 v05.00.00.0018
Intergraph Process, Power & Marine (PP&M), part of Hexagon and the world’s leading provider of enterprise engineering software enabling smarter design and operation of plants, ships and offshore facilities, has presented SmartPlan Foundation 2014, is the Intergraph total solution for plant information management.

Engineering information is abundant, dynamic, and complex. Keeping it current, synchronized, and readily accessible throughout the life cycle is the challenge.

SmartPlant Foundation is the Intergraph total solution for plant information management. It ensures secure access to plant information, including engineering designs, vendor data, purchase orders, RFQs, specification sheets, and all ancillary documents.

A modular set of user experiences are based on typical work processes to ensure that valid, consistent, and high-quality engineering data is shared across the value chain and between facility information systems. Users are enabled to make rapid and accurate design and operational decisions from large and complex data sets during the entire plant life cycle.

Powering the Intergraph information management solutions, SmartPlant Foundation is the world’s most proven and widely deployed, industry-standard, engineering information management solution in the process, power, and marine industries.

SmartPlant Foundation 2014 major update to Intergraph’s information management capability, providing refreshed and simplified user experiences accessed through a new “switchboard” home screen. SmartPlant Foundation’s new modular core provides focused access to data and documents, simplifying the user experience, administration, and product setup. Benefit from new multi-format visualization and comparison facilities plus enhanced tool integration workflows. Existing SmartPlant Foundation clients and implementations are fully supported and can immediately use the new features and modular capabilities.

Included in the SmartPlant Foundation 2014 release is a new reporting and digital dashboard “Business Intelligence” module. Check out a discrete window on key business metrics and engineering dashboard reports – administered through an intuitive, wizard-driven system.
Product:Intergraph SmartPlan Foundation 2014 v05.00.00.0018