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Concepts Nrec v8.4.11.0 Suite

Concepts Nrec v8.4.11.0 Suite
A unique resource of core strengths

Manufacturing skill, experience, and proprietary resources are core strengths of Concepts NREC and a significant benefit to helping customers achieve the best solution for their component or system needs. The ability to manufacture the highest-quality parts is further enhanced by Concepts NREC’s turbomachinery design engineers and software development engineers who produce state-of-the-art designs. For example, Concepts NREC’s patented CAM software for cutter-path technology is considered “best in the industry” and provides several cutting strategies to reduce engineering and production costs.
Precision turbomachinery components, assemblies, and complete products

Concepts NREC is well-qualified to manufacture precision turbomachinery components for compressors, turbines, pumps, propulsors, propellers, fans, and blowers. The machining center and mechanical assembly shop can provide highly accurate rapid prototypes for experimental and prototype designs, as well as multiple-unit manufacturing of components and complete product assemblies. To verify accuracy and design fidelity, inspection operations include state-of-the-art computerized multiaxis coordinate measuring plus overspeed testing and dynamic balancing.
Full-service, in-house machining and inspection

Precision machining features 5-axis CNC mills and turning centers capable of producing complex turbomachinery impellers, blisks, individual blades, and other components from 0.25 inch diameter up to thirty-three inches in diameter. Secondary operations include special fixtures, surface finishing, heat treating, welding, brazing, coatings, and special attachments for research programs and product development projects. Support and quality-control operations include precise CMM measuring equipment, electronic balancing machines, and overspeed test pits. And strict quality-control measures ensure the highest levels of governmental and industrial quality standards.
Fabrication, rapid prototyping, and manufacturing data preparation

Other Concepts NREC production services include the complex machining of integrally shrouded impellers, the fabrication of shrouded impellers, stators, and diffuser assemblies, machined wax patterns for precision investment castings, rapid prototyping of parts in stereolithography, geometric and manufacturing data preparation, NC machining instructions, process drawings and layouts, fixture and tool design, test-rig development, material and process specifications, and inspection data analysis.
Product:Concepts Nrec v8.4.11.0 Suite