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vectorcam 2015

vectorcam 2015
The module CNC Features produces milling paths and drilling operations based on 3D model data.
Advantages of CNC Features

automatic recognition of model features
high ease of use
simplest handling
integrated collision control
direct machining on a 3D model
high security within cnc-programming
automatic recognition of model forms (Groove, slot hole, drill hole, contour, curve, chamfer etc.)
enormous time saving (up to 80 % and more) in contrast to CNC programming with 2D data
automatic transfer of geometry data for the machining
cnc-programming of simple and complex workpieces
short tool paths through intelligent strategies
full associativity: Saving, selecting and editing stored machining jobs. Recurring machining jobs can be saved as a standard and can be reused at any time.

Efficient processing strategies
CNC Features Curve

CNC Features Step

CNC Features Groove

CNC Features Groove milling

Groove milling
CNC Features Contour milling

Contour milling

Face milling
Pocket roughing
Pocket finishing
Chamfer milling / deburring
Slot hole
Thread milling

Drilling with single cyklus
Drilling with multiple cyklus
Automatic positioning axis (zero point)
efficient generating of margin contours
automatic geometry detection (CNC Features)
automatic calculation of stock material based on the 3D-models
automatic alignment of the zero-point for a comfortable positioning of 4 and 5 axis
Product:vectorcam 2015