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Omega 2015.1

Omega 2015.1
The Omega geophysics data processing platform integrates comprehensive workflows and advanced algorithms with leading science, scalable processing, and flexible extensibility to unleash the potential of your geophysics data. This integrated approach allows combining data and expertise from different sources and formats to transform your data into knowledge.

The Omega platform accurately and efficiently processes

land, marine, and transition zone data
time and depth data
2D, 3D, and 4D surveys
isotropic and anisotropic (TTI and VTI) velocity fields
multicomponent data.
The Omega platform offers you the tools to transform your seismic, electromagnetic, microseismic, or vertical seismic profile (VSP) data into actionable information you can use to reduce risks and increase your chances of success across the E&P lifecycle.

Extend workflows into reservoir characterization and earth modeling
The Omega platform extends geophysics data processing into reservoir modeling by integrating with the Petrel E&P software platform. The Petrel Earth Model Building (EMB) tools enable a variety of depth imaging workflows, including model building, editing and updating, depth-tomography QC, residual moveout analysis, and volumetric common-image-point (CIP) pick QC. These functionalities, in conjunction with the Omega platform\’s depth tomography and migration algorithms, produces accurate and precise images of the subsurface.

Further extension supports solutions for critical subsurface challenges—from the field to final imaging, to prestack seismic interpretation and quantitative interpretation, from exploration to development.

Enhance team performance and efficiency with scalability
Using high-performance computing, the Omega platform supports faster processing and interpretation workflows as well as unbounded scalability to extend the performance of advanced algorithms. This enables your teams to run iterative processing loops to reduce subsurface uncertainty.

The software developer’s kit enables your developers to introduce your company’s intellectual property into the environment and supports the ability to programmatically scale up or down your node allocation dynamically, ensuring optimal use of high-performance compute resources.

From the field to final image, the Omega platform helps you better understand your critical subsurface challenges and make the best decisions.
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