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Tecplot Chorus 2016 R1

Tecplot Chorus 2016 R1
Design Space Visualization & Analysis
Tecplot Chorus helps you run and generate many simulation or test data sets. The most common applications are:

Optimizing your designs.
Developing aero databases.
Predicting performance over the operating envelope.
Investigating engineering problems.
In these scenarios, you need to manage your solution data, discover the trends and anomalies in output variables, and understand the underlying physics that cause these variations.

Based on Customer Feedback

Customers have told us that they have massive amounts of data, and no tools to help them quickly identify trends and anomalies that may affect the critical design decisions they make. Using Tecplot Chorus, you can analyze your test and simulation results in a parametric space, better understand the underlying physics, and gain more confidence in your decisions.
Product:Tecplot Chorus 2016 R1