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Midland Valley Move v2016.1

Midland Valley Move v2016.1
The Move suite is the most complete structural modelling and analysis toolkit available. It provides a full digital environment for best practice structural modelling to reduce risk and uncertainty in geological models. The Move suite provides a platform for integrating and interpreting data, cross-section construction, 3D model building, kinematic restoration and validation, geomechanical modelling, fracture modelling, fault response modelling, and fault and stress analysis.
New to 2D Kinematic Modelling
Non-Planar Trishear

New algorithm implemented in the Move-on-Fault and the Construct Horizons from Fault tools
Trishear can now be calculated for an arbitrary fault shape, including planar, radial and listric faults
Thermal Subsidence Modelling

More realistic sequential restorations of passive margins
Complements decompaction and isostasy for more accurate palaeo-seafloor reconstruction
User-controlled lateral variation of beta-factor across section
Decompaction Tool

New option and improved workflow for decompaction of growth sequence strata
Calculated porosity can now be visualized as an image
Horizon from Fault Tool

Improved interactive interpretation including variable displacement
Regional Section Navigator

See the big picture along with the detail – multiple views on a single regional section
Section Analysis

Improved options to analyse stratigraphic thickness
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