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Tekla Structures v21.1 SR2

Tekla Structures v21.1 SR2
Fixes Released

Defect number Development area Description
104807 Analysis & Design Previously, analysis models were sometimes lost when restoring an autosaved model. This has now been fixed.
106381 Licensing Previously, when you had several different license types and all the licenses of a certain license type were in use, Tekla Structures informed you that all licenses were in use. This has now been fixed.
107153 Licensing When using a borrowed license, there was an application error when starting Tekla Structures. This has now been fixed.
101440 Modeling It is now possible to specify a model name as a command line parameter even if bypass.ini is not used.
102395 Modeling Sometimes exact cuts at flange level caused a solid cut failure in Tekla Structures 20.0 and newer. This has now been fixed.
102429 Modeling Snapping to the intersection of construction circles and lines now works correctly.
103116 Modeling Bolt groups created through Open API or using plugins did not show handle points in Tekla Structures 20.0 and newer versions. This will not happen anymore for new bolt groups. If a model contains old incorrectly created bolt groups, you can fix them using the diagnose & repair model functionality.
104071 Modeling The cross section variable information in the Profile Editor is now checked and refreshed correctly.
104142 Modeling Bolts were not moved correctly when selecting handle points in Tekla Structures 20.0 and newer versions. This has now been fixed.
104179 Modeling Previously, a critical error message was shown when you deleted a point handle of a part cut or a point handle of a reinforcing bar group. This has now been fixed. The message is not shown anymore.
104921 Modeling When Tekla Structures shows concrete structures as continuous, the structures with only one part and multiple parts now have the same color when you used the Shaded Wireframe representation option for parts.
83763 Drawings Previously some of the part marks were upside down even though the parts were symmetrical. This has now been fixed, and part marks are correctly oriented.
103467, 104609 Drawings Modifying a drawing view updated marks even if the user did not change anything in the view properties. This has now been fixed.
103596 Drawings
There are usually two section marks for one section view. It was possible to drag the right mark to the left side of the left mark. This has now been fixed, and the right mark can no longer be dragged incorrectly.
104745 Drawings In some cases, some reference objects of reference models were missing from drawings. This has now been fixed.
104875 Drawings If the cloned part was higher than the original part, the Expand shortened parts to fit command did not work correctly in cloning. This has now been fixed.
105208 Drawings The view level filtering properties were saved in the file indicated in the Save as box in the view properties dialog box even though the Save button was clicked. This has been fixed so that whenever you click Save , the filtering settings are saved to a file indicated in the Save box.
105038, 105279, 105586 Drawings
When using view-specific dimensioning ( XS_USE_VIEW_LEVEL_SETTINGS_IN_DRAWING_CREATION=TRUE ):

Rotating views caused some dimensions to be created incorrectly. This has now been fixed.
When you converted old drawing attribute files, drawing level filters were not converted to view level filters. This has now been fixed.
After a section view was moved along its Z axis, modifying the section view dimensioning could lead to losing all dimensions. This has now been fixed.
106043 Drawings Dimensions were incorrect in a pull-out picture of a reinforcing bar mesh that was not a bent mesh. This has now been fixed.
106116 Drawings Snapping to the extension line intersection did not work correctly in drawings. In some cases, it caused an application error. This has now been fixed.
103480 Templates and Reports The calculation of the custom report field CUSTOM.WALL_OPENINGS_N has been changed so that the tiny openings which appear only due some numerical inaccuracy are not counted as individual openings.
103629 Templates and Reports The attributes starting with DRAWING now work in drawing templates. For example, if you use the attribute DRAWING.USERDEFINED.DR_LANGUAGE it gives the value of the attribute DR_LANGUAGE.
106493 Templates and Reports If template that contains rotated text was added to a part mark, it got an incorrect frame. This has now been fixed.
102886 Import, Export, Interoperability FEM import of STAAD files now works correctly.
Product:Tekla Structures v21.1 SR2
Size:2.5 GB