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Photometric Toolbox PE 1.87

Photometric Toolbox includes the computation of the Luminaire Classification System (LCS) in accordance with IESNA TM-15-12 (revised), BUG Ratings, Absolute photometry support, UWLR and the Luminaire Efficacy Rating (LER).

Photometric Toolbox – Professional Edition provides a Wizard approach to entering photometric data from a paper report in either Type C or Type B goniometer formats. When complete, the information is saved as an IES format photometric file for use with any application program (like AGi32).

Editing individual IES files is easy with the Photometric Toolbox – Professional Edition. Its easy to understand worksheet allows you to modify your photometric files, if needed, without having to understand the IESNA data format. Making your photometric data Keyword compliant is simple with standardized keywords you can drag and drop into place.

Photometric Toolbox – Professional Edition will automatically repair IES files with many common problems found prior to the release of the 1995 version of the IES format (LM-63-1995).

Typical problems include:

Nadir candela not equal
Incomplete exploration, last vertical angle >90 and <180 (type C)
Incomplete exploration, first horizontal angle <-90, last horizontal angle <90 (type B)
Incomplete exploration, first vertical angle <-90, last vertical angle <90 (type B)
Product:Photometric Toolbox PE 1.87