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Plaxis 3D V2015

PLAXIS 3D is a finite element package intended for three-dimensional analysis of deformation and stability in geotechnical engineering. It is equipped with features to deal with various aspects of complex geotechnical structures and construction processes using robust and theoretically sound computational procedures.

With PLAXIS 3D, complex geometry of soil and structures can be defined in two different modes. These modes are specifically defined for Soil or Structural modelling. Independent solid models can automatically be intersected and meshed.

The staged constructions mode enables a realistic simulation of construction and excavation processes by activating and deactivating soil volume clusters and structural objects, application of loads, changing of water tables, etc.

The output consists of a full suite of visualization tools to check details of the complex inner structure of a full 3D underground soil-structure model.

PLAXIS 3D is a user friendly 3d geotechnical program offering flexible and interoperable geometry, realistic simulation of construction stages, a robust and reliable calculation kernel, and comprehensive and detailed post-processing, making it a complete solution for your daily geotechnical design and analysis.
New and Improved features in PLAXIS 3D Anniversary Edition
3D Tunnel Designer, with CAD import option
UDSM: Shotcrete model (VIP)
Rigid Body tool with translation and rotation conditions applied from single arbitrary reference point.
Tool to calculate structural forces from cylindrical volumes, i.e. volume piles
Pseudo-static analysis
Sekiguchi-Ohta, Viscid & Inviscid (VIP)
Select between \’Rockbolt\’ and \’Pile\’ behaviour for improved visualization of embedded beam
Vacuum behaviour for drains to model vacuum consolidation
Command line support to query results in Output
Commands Runner available in Output (VIP)
Remote Scripting API with Python wrapper for Output (VIP)
Define Biot alpha coefficient for material models
Parametrically defined objects for improved geometry, meshing and calculated results
Flexible default fixities with possibility to specify per model boundary
Bending moment for point loads
General Features

Logical geotechnical workflow
Easy-to-use graphical user interface
Borehole wizard for soil modelling
Import and interpret soil measurement data to generate Soil Stratigraphy from CPT Logs (VIP)
Inverse analysis for SoilTest parameter optimisation
DXF, DWG, 3DS and Terrain geometry import facilities (VIP)
Model explorer offering direct access to all objects
Command line, Commands runner (VIP) and model replay functions
Remote scripting API with Python wrapper (VIP)
Intersect, combine and shape designer tools for complex shapes
Support for extruding multiple objects at the same time
Multi object editing
Surface contraction
Parellel meshing
Connections (such as hinges or dilation joints)
Anisotropic geotextiles
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