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CAM – 3D strategies

CAM | 3D milling | optimized rest machining
CAM | 3D milling | optimized rest machining
3D-optimised rest material roughing

Following a rouging operation, the new cycle generates HSC-optimised toolpaths for rest material machining. Rest material areas are calculated extremely quickly based on the stock and the user-defined values for minimum stock removal. Rest material boundaries that have been generated can be reused for later machining.

New technology with extremely fast calculation times
Toolpaths with smooth connection paths for the best possible surface quality
Increased feedrates when leaving the stock ensure efficient machining
Toolpaths are generated collision-free – completely against the component and rapid link movements are generated against the conveyed stock

Benefit: Machine-friendly, tool-friendly, extremely short machining and calculation times.

CAM – 5-axis strategies

CAM | 5 axis | z level finishing
3D/5-axis Z-level finishing

A new option allows the machining direction to be started from the bottom. This offers great advantages to tool and mould making. Toolpaths are checked for collisions at all times.
The tool geometry can be optimally utilised, particularly in 5-axis machining. However, this function is also available for 3D Z-level finishing.

Benefit: Improved surface quality, tool-friendly.

Tool database

CAM | Tool database | free geometric
CAM | tool database | free geometric
Freely definable tool geometry

Unique und flexible: hyperMILL® 2016.1 now offers a free tool definition that makes it easy to define special tools and complex shank geometries. This free tool geometry is used for calculation and simulation purposes.

The shape of the shaft can be defined freely or as parameters. Special shaft shapes or tool holders are completely mapped and checked for collisions.
The shape of the tool cutting edge can also be freely defined in the 5axis rework machining strategy. Exact position identification goes hand in hand with optimal inclination.

Benefit: Flexible tool definition, use of special tools.

CAM mill turning

CAM | millturn | Cutting point setup
Tool database cutting ream management

Defining and managing mill turning cutting reams using the tool database is more convenient. The user can either choose a free definition or the orthogonal or computational middle point of the tool cutting edge. The user can define different cutting reams for a tool. This allows the tool to be used with different orientations. The cutting ream and reference point are supplied automatically by the hyperMILL® tool database.

Benefit: Visualisation of the cutting position, easier definition.

Macro and feature technology

Pocket recognition

This new function allows open and closed pockets to be machined very efficiently. Areas on different planes are recognised automatically. However, the areas can also be defined manually. Colour coding makes it easier to find areas in complex pockets.

Benefit: Simple and fast programming of complex pockets.
Size:3.82 GB