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CGG Furgo Jason V9.0

Furgo Jason V9.0

Seismic to Simulation Software
Quantitative Integration

New Tools from GeoSoftwareDiscover how you can increase the profitability of your reservoirs through quantitative integration of all information into highly accurate and predictive reservoir models. With more than 25 years of experience, Jason is the leading provider of software and consultancy services to achieve this quantitative integration that gives you the ability to select better drilling locations and make better decisions in the management of your reservoirs.

The Jason™ software suite includes solutions for Petrophysics and Rock Physics, Interpretation and Analysis, Model Building, Deterministic Inversion and Geostatistical Inversion. Using these tools in an integrated fashion, you can perform Seismic to Simulation studies using highly accurate and predictive reservoir models to evaluate alternate management strategies and predict future production and ultimate recovery from your field.

PowerLog®—Microsoft Windows-based suite incorporating petrophysics, rock physics, and mineralogy into an easy to learn and use application for petrophysical well log interpretation. PowerLog is petrophysics that works the way you do.

Seismic reservoir characterization packages—InverTracePlus for 3D post stack seismic inversion and RockTrace for 3D pre-stack simultaneous seismic inversion.

Reservoir modeling packages—StatMod® MC for 3D single stack geostatistical inversion and RockMod for 3D multi-stack geostatistical inversion.

EarthModel® FT—Revolutionary geological modeling software that automatically tracks your steps in building a model so that new information can be added and the model rebuilt in a fraction of the usual time. EarthModel FT also features the RockScale® module, which facilitates accurate transfer of rock properties from the seismic grid to the modeling grid, making the integration of seismic properties into the reservoir model a practical reality. EarthModel FT is the new face of reservoir modeling.
Product:CGG Furgo Jason V9.0