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Schlumberger Techlog 2015.1

Schlumberger Techlog 2015.1
A prerequisite for all Techlog platform modules, a core provides the base functionality, visualization, and data find-and-load capabilities.

There are 3 available cores:

Techlog Base

A core license that is fundamental to G&G, RE, drilling and petrophysical workflows.

Techlog Viewer

A simplified, lightweight user interface for data analysis and specific workflows.

Ocean Framework

Ocean for Techlog enables 3rd party developers to tie in their proprietary software and algorithms into the Techlog Platform.

Techlog can also have additional functionality with these utilities:


Understand and validate your data. Tthe data mining tools within the TechData Plus module provide rapid access to your data. You can search for and repair incorrect naming or unit assessments.


Allows users to comprehensively review their data using exporatory statistics such as conventional univariate and multivariate regression, principal components analysis, and linear discriminant analysis.


Python scripting is a simple interpreted programming language with an on-the-fly compiler. Users can rapidly extend their Techlog workflows to incorporate simple calculations or more complex proprietary algorithms.

Techlog C-Data-API

Available in C and .NET, this important utility allows programmers to write applications that read and write applications that read and write against the Techlog binary data stores.


CoreDB is a database with a flexible data model for importing, viewing, and managing core data. Numerical, textural, and image data is stored, covering all types of core data.
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