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IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2015 17.0 x64

IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2015 17.0 x64
IRONCAD™ is the undisputed productivity leader when it comes to moving creative ideas into full production-ready 3D reality.

IRONCAD is the pioneer of a breakthrough Creative Design approach that delivers a level of design freedom unmatched in the industry today. IRONCAD is the tool of choice for 3D mechanical design engineers when deadlines are tight and a high degree of unanticipated change is to be expected. It provides a revolutionary replacement to today’s history-based parametric-only systems.

IRONCAD empowers end-users with design agility like never before. With IRONCAD, no longer are you bound by constraints imposed on you by traditional 3D solid modeling applications. Now with IRONCAD, you are in total control of your design and engineering experience with virtually no restrictions. IRONCAD is the ONLY application in the world that delivers total control to the user by providing the ability to choose from parametric, explicit or a combination of both modalities ON-DEMAND in a single environment. Also IRONCAD, is the ONLY solution in the world to deliver Dual Kernel Collaboration Technology. By having the leading two modeling engines, ACIS and PARASOLID, working in harmony together, your ideas can become limitless without regard of kernel limitations. It’s like having a team of engineers vs being alone to solve a problem.

IRONCAD has harnessed the POWER and now has unleashed it to you. What you do with the power is now entirely up to you!

Fluent Modeling Environment

IRONCAD has always delivered a clean and simple approach to design allowing engineers to really think in 3D and create models dynamically on screen without having to pre-plan and map out the concept in advance. IRONCAD’s seamlessly integrated design tools are intuitive and user friendly.

Design The Way You Want

The combination of IRONCAD’s Innovative design environment with the more conventional history-based structured design environment, allows users to choose, at an individual part level, which process is most appropriate for the particular part they are designing:

Innovative Design – Delivers real flexibility, allowing users to directly manipulate the parts independent of history and constraints while maintaining feature design information. Essential for conceptual modeling.

Structured Design – Allows users to build rigid feature dependent parts with embedded design intent, delivering more control over future changes.

Design Faster And Smarter

IRONCAD is leading the industry in design creation and reuse though its unique Catalog Drag & Drop design process and its intuitive sizing and positioning utilities. Easily create assemblies, parts, features or other relevant content such as materials using catalogs that can be shared among your design team for convenient access. Group common components and quickly search for desired components and simply drag & drop items into your designs. IRONCAD not only provides precise reference locations when you drop your components, it also provides the patented TriBall®, a powerful tool to position and orient your component in any orientation with ease.

IronCAD extends your design by allowing more intelligence and even domain-specific knowledge to be added to your components through a process we call Smart eBEHAVIORTM. Using Smart eBEHAVIOR, you can create intelligent features, parts or components that simply position, size and orient precisely in place onto other components. You can even add behaviors such as predefined constraints that can provide accurate movements in mechanisms or other positioning commands. Further extend your design process by adding connections to other business related process such as ERP to provide information such as pricing, availability, or manufacturing delivery to make more informed design decisions on your new products to meet expectations of your customers. Store this intelligence into your catalogs as Smart eCONTENTTM to share across your organization and even with customers using any one of the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite Products to meet different users expertise levels.

Familiar Detailing Environment

IRONCAD incorporates a powerful 2D design environment offering one of the most powerful annotation tools on the market today, embedded as a standard drafting environment and/or as an integrated 3D detailer. In addition to its familiar user friendly interface, IRONCAD’s new 2D environment offers all the functionality users have come to expect from some of the market leading standalone 2D design tools.

Communicate Data Effectively

Creating data is only half the story. IRONCAD delivers the tools to get this information out to customers, manufacturing, and suppliers clearly and effectively:

Model Data Exchange – With both ACIS and Parasolids kernels, and a range of native translators, IRONCAD can import and export model data in ALL industry standard formats.

Customer Communication – IRONCAD delivers a range of tools to allow you to keep your customers closely involved in your projects by including photorealistic rendering, 3D/2D PDF, web publishing of models, and a standalone 3D viewer all standard in the core product. IRONCAD\’s Smart eMARKUPTM allows customers, suppliers, and even other designers the ability to suggest design changes on your data that extends beyond simple text annotated markups. Precisely communicate geometric changes such as positional, size, and even direct modifications of the geometry as well as adding new component without working on the real design data. Simply transmit your suggestions back to your design team where they can review changes, communicate new changes, and once the collaboration is completed, simply accept the suggestions reducing the need to redesign the changes on the real design data.

Being able to communicate is good, but sharing live project data requires control and management. IRONCADs’ Design Collaboration Suite includes, CAXA EDM a powerful and integrated fully functional EDM solution to manage your CAD and related engineering project data, both internally and externally across the world wide web.

Design Testing and ValidationDesign Validation

The ability to stringently test design data, allows users to reduce unnecessary prototypes and ultimately cost from a project. In today’s economic climate, this is more critical than ever before. IronCAD has teamed up with a leading Finite Element Analysis specialist to deliver powerful FEA functionality, operating from within the Design Collaboration Suite.
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