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Concepts Nrec Max PAc 7.4

CAM 5-Axis Machining Software
Concepts NREC’s MAX-PAC™ family of CAM software provides optimal cutter-path solutions for turbomachinery components by offering users several cutting strategies that can reduce engineering costs as well as production costs. MAX-PAC is available in any combination of modules to suit part geometry requirements for flank milling of ruled-surface blading, point milling of arbitrary-surface blading, or point milling of integrally shrouded impellers, or milling of single blades.

MAX-PAC CAM tools have long been recognized as the preeminent software for 5-axis milling of turbomachinery impellers, blisks, and rotors, and enjoy a strong worldwide reputation with manufacturers, job shops, and 5-axis machine-tool companies.

Expertise built into these specialized tools incorporates methodologies protected by three separate patents. Compared to other CAM tools, MAX-PAC addresses only turbomachinery, and as a result, it is faster to learn, easier to use, and requires less programming and machining time. However, its most important attribute is that MAX-PAC produces higher quality parts than its competition.

MAX-5, MAX-AB, MAX-SI, and MAX-PAC are trademarks of Concepts NREC, LLC.
Product:Concepts Nrec Max PAc 7.4