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Mastercam X9 Update 2

This update is intended to update your version of Mastercam X9 to Mastercam X9 Update 2.

Make sure you close Mastercam before clicking the Install button.

Version number: 18.0.15514.0

Issues Addressed

Mastercam start-up issues for some OS/processor combinations.
Mill-Turn machine deactivates some CAD functionality.
ATP only processes one operation per level.
ATP custom cut list fails without front/back identifiers in file names.
Xform functions not creating new geometry.
Moving entity blanks geometry instead of deleting it.
Issues with separators in right-click menu.
Switching WCS on toolpaths used in Nesting causes crash.
NCI not updated after changes in Plane Manager.
Intermittent crash in graphics system.
Files with many tools/operations delay opening of Toolpath parameter page.
Copying a tool not marking operation dirty.
Fix zero length line check.
Invalid radius condition on chamfer mill.
Update All option not updating feed and speed.
Port Expert ignores check surface on lead in moves.
Locking 4-axis toolpath around X-axis rotates around Y-axis.
Multiaxis linking move inverts tool.
Radial chip thinning factor (RCTF) changes the FPT, feed, and speed.
Turret C-angle offset places toolpath data in different places such as upper and lower turrets.
Opening an X8 file in X9 changes the work offset number.
Rotating the plane dynamically does not mark the operation dirty.
Add support for 5-axis circle mill IOF generation.
Error writing database to disk.
Multiaxis toolpath IOF generation to use operation settings.
X8 Slot Mill not importing into X9 correctly.
Tool loses operation parameter data.
Metric DXF holder import defaults to inches.
Failure to add or delete tool in MCX.
Chaining Feature not working.
Rotate reversing arcs.
Improve Chain Manager performance for many chains.
Parameter Incorrect warning issued for Wire operations created with TECH library.
Slot Mill start and end not working.